Get yourself a typical Dutch granny bike, cargo bike or other Dutch bike

Dutch granny bike in Van Gogh Almond style.

Dutch ‘oma fiets’ (granny bike) in Van Gogh Almond style.

For many one of Amsterdam’s and Holland’s most typical things are bikes, they’re everywhere. Read our article on why bikes are so typical for Amsterdam, Holland. This article highlights the typical Dutch ‘Oma-fietsen’ (literally Granny bikes), one of  Holland’s most popular bikes. We’ll tell you what specifies them and how to get a granny bike, cargo bike or other typically Dutch bike  as a lasting and enjoyable gift or souvenir from Amsterdam, Holland.

At about 100 years ago the ‘Oma fiets’ was designed for women so they could keep wearing their skirts while cycling. Its typical frame enabled them to easily step on their bike. Nowadays both men and women ride these bikes, particularly students.

The bikes’ comfort is comparable to the well-known cruiser bike but on the Dutch bike you’ll be much faster due to the 28” inch wheels. What’s also typical for these bikes is the upright and elevated position in which you’ll drive. This way you’ll have a great view, be visible and will look gallantly at the same time. A granny bike also usually comes without handbrakes and gears. Holland’s flatness doesn’t require such. As you may need them where you live we offer them as an extra.

Johnny Loco Dutch Delight Unisex Cargo Tricycle

Johnny Loco Dutch Delight Unisex Cargo Tricycle

Here’s a ready-made link to typical Dutch bikes on Amazon including bikes from one of Holland’s coolest bike producers Johnny Loco.

Typical bikes of which you’ll see a lot when in Amsterdam are cargo bikes. They have been really popular for years and practically everything is carried around in them, from bricks to dogs and kids.

Another Dutch quality brand that can be bought through Amazon is Batavus.

Alternatively, GeoTypico sells typical Dutch granny bikes with art on them, in 12 varieties (also available in men’s frame for the same price). These quality bikes are sold from approx. $550,- (399 euro). Check out our collection of different designs to choose from. You can also add a handy front luggage carrier if you like for a little more.


  • Frame size 57 cm/22.4″ or 50 cm/19.7″ (convert). Here’s how to determine your frame size
  • Color(s): as shown
  • 28 inch wheels
  • LED-lights front and rear
  • ART approved lock (ABUS)
  • Ergonomic grips
  • Made in Holland


  • 3 speed / 2 hand brakes: +59 euro (approx $79,-)
  • 3 speed / Shimano coaster break: +59 euro  (approx $79,-)

As everyone in the world should be able to experience typical local products we thrive to ship these bikes worldwide. Shipping them to the US for instance will cost you approx. $100,-. Ask us for a free quote if in’s checkout the price is not already listed for your destination.

Fun alternative: design your own Dutch bike

If you’d like to design your own Dutch bike in a similar way we can help you with that as well. There is an extra charge of €50,- / $67,50 for this service.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Send a high quality picture (at least 2500 pixels wide) to through WeTransfer.
  2. We have your bike designed (men’s and/or women’s) and have the design proposals sent to your email.
  3. Agree or disagree to one of the designs (cancelling now can be done free of charge).
  4. Order the bike(s) with the design chosen through GeoTypico.
  5. Have your bike(s) delivered to you.

Looking for a specific Dutch bike? Just ask us and we’ll see what we can do to get you that special one, wherever you live.

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